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 • Zoos, Theme Parks & Public Attractions • 

To ensure customer satisfaction and to encourage repeat visits, Theme Parks, Zoos and Public Attractions are aware of the need to provide quality authentic surroundings.

From enhancing an animal enclosure, through the creation of an exotic backdrop, to providing comfortable shelters and viewing areas for the public, Thatch International can develop the ideas and furnish the skills to achieve your desired effect, in keeping with a natural environment.

Our wide range of natural materials is ideal for any theme you may wish to create. For health and safety regulations, they can be fire retarded to reduce the risk to the public.

Over the past 30 years, our Directors have designed, built and thatched projects across the globe, including :

The Bronx Zoo, New York Jamestown Festival Park
Fort Worth Zoo, Dallas Leofoo World Adventure, Taiwan
and in the UK...
Alton Towers Thorpe Park
Chessington World of Adventures Chester Zoo
The Globe Theatre, Southwark Paignton Zoo

 Slide show depicting some of Thatch Internationals' completed projects  


Whether it is supply, design or building you require, Thatch International has the expertise and experience to help you.

For more information, call Peter Davies now on 01264 861 319 or 07787 533 647

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